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This page contains the privacy policy of the site “r2d2.petyxbron.cz” and the Discord bot called “R2D2” (“Service”).
You can read here how your data is collected, stored, and accessed.
We use your data to provide and improve the Service. By using the Service, you agree to the collection and use of information under this policy.

Table of Contents

Access to Data

Stored Data can be accessed only by R2D2 Discord bot developers.
We do not sell your Data or share it somehow with any third party, except when required by law or a Terms of Service agreement.

The place of stored Data

Data stored from the R2D2 Discord bot are stored in an online MongoDB database.
The database is secured from unauthorized external access. However, there is no guarantee and the R2D2 Discord bot owner assumes no liability for the unintentional or malicious breach of the Data. If that happens, the R2D2 Discord bot staff will create a post to r2d2.petyxbron.cz/p/.

Whos Data is stored

R2D2 Discord bot stores Data about Discord users that are members of any Discord server, where is also R2D2 Discord bot a member.
The Data of a user is kept in the R2D2 Discord bot database until a user requests their own Data deletion.

R2D2 Discord bot can be used only by users older than the age of 13, which is in compliance with the Discord Terms of Service.
No information will be knowingly stored of an underaged user. If it is found, that any user is underaged, the R2D2 Discord bot staff will delete all Data of the user.

User rights

Any user saved in the database has a right to submit a request for its Data deletion through r2d2.petyxbron.cz website, specifically at r2d2.petyxbron.cz/contact/#data-deletion-request-form. Another method is to visit the R2D2 Discord support server and contact the R2D2 Discord bot staff to submit a Data deletion request.
A user can request the deletion of their Data. If the user is also an owner of any stored Discord server in the R2D2 Discord bot database, it can request deletion of the Discord server too.

If the user is still on some Discord server that is also an R2D2 Discord bot on, all of the user Data cannot be deleted, only some of them. The Data which can be deleted whenever the user is still on some Discord server where is also R2D2 Discord bot is the birthday (date of the user directly to R2D2 provided itself), afk, and commands usage data.
If the user is not on a Discord server, where is also an R2D2 Discord bot, the R2D2 Discord bot staff will manage the complete Data deletion of the user.

What data is stored

In the R2D2 Discord bot database is saved data of users, servers, and other not personal Data.
Marked by ★ characterizes the data which are NOT MANDATORY DATA WHICH PROVIDES THE USER IF IT WANTS

Data of a Discord user
  • User’s Discord ID
  • User’s Discord username
  • User’s Discord discriminator
  • User’s Discord profile icon link (on cdn.discordapp.com)
  • ★ User’s custom date of a birthday set
  • Discord user profile accent color
  • ★ User’s AFK status (if its AFKright now, reason, date since its AFK, date till it AFK)
  • The number of times the user used each public R2D2 Discord bot command
  • The number of times the user was banned, kicked, and warned from other Discord servers shared with the R2D2 Discord bot
Data of a Discord server
  • Server’s Discord ID
  • Server’s Discord name
  • Server’s Discord icon link (on cdn.discordapp.com)
  • Server owner data (Discord username, discriminator, and ID)
  • Server’s R2D2 Discord bot settings
    • If set, the server’s primary Discord language (settable in the community settings overview)
    • ★ R2D2 Discord bot language
    • ★ R2D2 Discord bot prefix [deprecated]
    • ★ A list of allowed and not allowed R2D2 Discord bot features
    • ★ Discord server roles that can perform R2D2 Discord bot admin, giveaway, music, and poll commands
    • ★ Discord server channels in which will the R2D2 Discord bot send audit logs or in which can users use the R2D2 Discord bot commands or just the music ones
    • ★ A list of the server’s disabled commands
  • The number of times the server members used each public R2D2 Discord bot command
  • Number of Discord server members and bots
  • If set, the custom server user nickname of the R2D2 Discord bot
Data of R2D2 website visitor
  • Anonymized Google Analytics session data (automatically deletes after 26 months)


If you have any questions about the R2D2 Discord bot and website privacy policy, feel free to contact us on the R2D2 web contact page.