Our loved R2D2 is back!

Welcome back R2D2 – our favorite Discord bot.
Here you can read some current information about this return.

Where was R2D2?

For those that didn’t know, R2D2 was shut down because of the new terms for Discord developers and their bots.
R2D2 was not ready for slash commands. So we, unfortunately, pause the development.

But we are back!
We were developing R2D2-Beta, a Beta [dev] project of R2 and it was a long journey, but we did it.
R2D2 contains only a few commands, but as you know, he will show you more cool commands very soon.
(We are still developing and because we did the core, the other features will be faster to create.)

R2D2 return FAQ

Read our FAQ if you have questions about our bot.

How to change the R2D2 language?

To change the R2D2 language (settable per one Discord server) just use a command /set lang <lang>. Check the list of translated languages. To help translate, visit the R2D2 Crowdin site.

How to disable some R2D2 features?

To disable specific R2D2 features, use /set lang <feature> <True/False>.
You can disable only certain R2D2 features. If you want to disable any more, discuss it with us on our Discord Support Server or send us a message.